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Doug McCourt

Doug McCourt


Doug has been involved in residential real estate for over 30 years realizing at an early age the benefits of home ownership. In 2001, his hobby of buying and renovating houses turned into a business as he co-founded a boutique vacation rental agency in Palm Springs. Since then he has bought and sold numerous properties in the area as well as assisted clients and friends with a wide variety of listings and purchases. 

Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in business management and minor in computer science. Prior to transitioning into residential real estate, Doug spent over two decades in the Health Information Technology sector.  He began his career teaching physicians and nurses how to effectively use electronic health record systems and eventually migrated into marketing as sales; ultimately forming his own marketing and sales support firm. 

Doug enjoys, golf, swimming, skiing, dining-out, traveling, as well as residential home renovation. His buyer-clients fully appreciate the deep understanding of the complexity and emotion surrounding buying a home. Three decades of acquiring and selling his own properties, combined with hands-on home renovation experience, enables Doug to quickly size-up the condition of each property and then assist the client to visualize and appreciate the full potential of every desert estate. Doug also has access to local architects, designers, and construction companies, resulting in a cost effective and rewarding post-purchase experience for his clients. 

Regarding Doug's listing experience, experts agree; the primary driver of a successful sale is the "right" price. However, there are many other interconnected factors as well. Doug has successfully listed and sold his own properties, along with numerous client properties, and knows that EFFECTIVE MARKETING is critically important. He works closely with his cl to optimally position their property in comparison with the surrounding competition. Doug is "hands-on" all the way from start to finish, never hesitant to roll-up his sleeves and help the client prepare for a successful sale.